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Barefoot through the white sand....
holidays at last in Cadzand!

Property insurance holiday rentals
To ensure you have a hassle-free holiday we offer a property damage insurance that is specifically tailored to holiday homes, given that most insurers nowadays do not reimburse damages to holiday homes via your standard third-party liability insurance. Naturally the last thing you want is to incur unexpected costs due to accidental damage on your holiday rental property. 
Our property insurance policy protects you against the financial consequences of acciendtal damage to your holiday accommodation. 
The costs for the property damage insurance policy are € 25 including insurance tax. This insurance covers damages from €25,- to €2500,-.
For the general conditions click here.

All-Risk Cancellation Insurance:  All cancellation insurances taken out after 27 ferbruari 2020 do not cover pandemics such as Covid-19 or its consequences. 

When you book your well deserved holiday, you naturally do not want to take any risks. What if the holiday cannot go ahead due to circumstances beyond your control or if you fall ill and have to return home earlier?
Our cancellation insurance protects you against the financial consequences of cancellation and unused days of stay. This is ideal, because it applies to cancellations before your arrival as well as during your holiday. Moreover, this insurance offers a very comprehensive coverage.
The premium for the cancellation insurance is 7% of the rental price including administration costs. The policy costs amount to € 3.50. You pay 21% insurance tax on the total amount of the premium and policy costs. You can take out cancellation insurance up to 8 days after the booking date.
Unfortunately we cannot offer the cancellation insurance to inhabitants of Luxemburg

The insurance card can be found here.

If you want to submit a complaint to the European Insurance, click here.

N.b. voogdt rental receives commission from the European Insurance for the mediation in this insurance